Saturday, 7 June 2008

What after Trillion

This is a interesting Question, Today We will see A equally timepass question
Take a Look!!

What comes After a trillion?

There is a Very simple answer trillion and one
Just Kidding

In almost all major countries
They use these terms

million = 10^6
Billion = 10^9 (i.e. 10 to the ninth power) (for Americans; not Brits!)
Trillion = 10^12
Quadrillion = 10^15
Quintillion = 10^18
Sextillion = 10^21
Septillion = 10^24
Octillion = 10^27
Nonillion = 10^30
Decillion = 10^33

For the names of numbers after Decillion also
see Wikipedia
Numbers are defined upto Googolplex=10^10^100

Hope Googolplex is easy to calculate

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