Sunday, 8 June 2008

Get The cool Thing Out

TBS Department of Humour Analysis

The study of humour is a serious business, or so they would have you believe at TBS, where they have set up a very serious department of humour analysis.

TBS is a TV network that brought us the likes of Seinfeld, My Name is Earl and Family Guy and now they have put together an amusing, off the wall little site to promote their work.

As well as having some great content, this is a really nicely designed website.

It comprises of a humour lab full of ridiculous short films and a ludicrous video about this fictitious department, all presented and narrated by the eminently amusing John Cleese.

Once you have watched your fill, and played about with the very funky interface a bit, pop along to the survey section and add your thoughts to the mix.

It is not as boring as it sounds. These are quirky little interactive questions that will be used for absolutely nothing. All in a hard days work at the humour labs, it seems. website there is a wonderful online application to help you create masterpieces from your digital photographs.

Sometimes the best compositions can be ruined by red-eye or bad exposure, and this little application will not only sort out these basic issues, but is also incredibly easy to use.

Simply click Upload Photo and choose a file from your PC, or you can use one of the buttons to upload from the photo sharing websites they support.

The Edit tab allows you to make basic changes, then add special effects, shapes and text under the tab marked create. You can play around with your pictures for free, without even registering. You can even save your work to your hard drive or any of a number of popular photo sharing websites they support.

There is of course the obligatory Premium service, which allows you to pay if you want a wider selection of tools and fonts to use in an ad-free environment.

Finally, if you have used the application to make your own postcard or e-greeting, you can e-mail it on to the people of your choice, again without registration, but you will have to put in your own e-mail address.

US Navy website

The US Navy offers a pretty cool little game. It is free and a good challenge.

NTE: Strike and Retrieve is a hefty old download - 126MB to be precise - so get the download running and go off to do something else for a while.

You will need to register so that they can analyse your performance, which the terms and conditions state is used to help them benchmark future recruitment standards.

Do not worry though, you only need to put in your e-mail address, so you will not be getting a knock on the door from a recruitment officer any time soon.

The game is a combination of tactics, skill and hand-eye co-ordination. The controls take a bit of getting used to as you pilot your sub-aqua vehicle through a hostile and treacherous terrain.

You will need to figure out the right combination of equipment to complete each mission, with a terribly annoying officer's voice giving you firm encouragement along the way.

Deputy Dog blog

In the writer's own words, this is a blog about stuff. Mainly interesting architecture, clever design, geographical oddities and so on, and he does not use capital letters to define his punctuation. So get over it. Life is too short to worry about these things.

Not only is the content of this blog awe-inspiringly imaginative, but it is really well written. Topics are as wide ranging as "10 annoying brilliant offices" to the "top 10 physically modified people", with oodles of images and very readable commentary to draw you in.

Click the Popular link at the top to jump to the most highly rated entries. "Seven amazing holes" is the most peculiar subject to have dreamt up, but utterly incredible to look at and read.

I do not know where this guy gets his material but he is a true online genius. Thank you Deputy Dog, whoever you are.

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