Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Super Realistic Chalk Drawings - Part 1

Today i am introducing you to the world of a artist Julian Beever, He had maded drawings with only Chalk!, no other thing is used these all art pieces are created on roads. (no camera trick or no photo editing)
Artist Julian Beever has been drawing plenty of attention with his amazing 3D pavement chalk art
See the BBC article here

So enjoy with these Super Illusionary pictures!

Fishing on street!! It's illegal?

Look at the drawing here, it's peculiar!!

Air Rescue, looks like we are in comics
What a Great Illusion!!
Really Great work Julian
Can i buy it?

Help! Help!!

Oh! i dont know that the Fly spray works on the giants also!!

Heads off to Julian Part-2 Coming soon!!!!

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