Thursday, 19 June 2008

Recover Deleted file

This is one of the major problem that one of the every three office worker is suffering form it, yes it is They just delete the important documents from their computer, today's question is about it!

Can you recover files you've deleted from your Recycing Bin?

If they're no longer in your recycle bin, you may be able to do a system restore back to the time you had the file. It "might" bring it back. Most times it's installed software that it will bring back, but I've been able to bring back entire picture files before.

Start Menu >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> System Restore

It will allow you to choose a date that you wish to restore your computer back to. Your computer automatically does a restore date periodically, so you'll have to choose one that's closest to the date you need. For future references, before you install a program, go to System Restore and initiate a system check point. That way, if the program isn't quite as compatible as it should be, you will be able to restore your computer to the state it was before you installed the program.

Hope it Helps!!

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