Saturday, 16 October 2010

Youtube download for dummies

Perhaps the Dummies guide to use Keepvid. Referring to Youtube's Terms of service it does not clearly says but yeah, they don't want you playing around download videos since they are a streaming website. On the other hand, it is itself paradoxical. Because when we are seeing any video, it is being stored on the computer in the form of cache. Pretty much one can't distinguish downloading video from seeing it in the browser. Even though it would be good if you download only legal content, downloading copyrighted things which are itself uploading illegally is still a crime(just like downloading songs from pakistani website or using torrents to download movies) which is not advised.

  1. Open and select your favorite video to play

  2. Now select the URL and copy it. (right click and click copy).

  3. Open keepvid.

  4. Paste URL in the text box and click download


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