Monday, 30 June 2008

A Pie from Internet

Picture sharing sites are all the rage, but do you wish you could add a little more pizzazz to your album distribution?

How about adding a banging rock tune and having the pictures animate on and off in a video you can post on YouTube? But that would be far too much work, right? Wrong.

Click Get Started to begin using this brilliant site. You will need to register to make either a 30 second short, which is completely free, or full length film, which you have to pay for.

Next, choose to upload pictures from either your computer or a photo sharing site. Fifteen shots is ideal for a 30 second short.

Uploading them might take a few minutes, depending on your connection speed, how many pictures you have chosen and what resolution they are. Once they have uploaded, use the buttons at the bottom to rotate, spotlight or add more pictures from another location.

Then add a banging tune. Click the Music tab at the side and choose either from their selection or a track off your own computer.

Now you are almost done. The next screen asks you to enter a name and some details about your video, then just click Create Video and wait while the website does the fancy bit.

You can start working on your next video while you wait, then click My Videos at the top to review your work. After playing the video you can choose to do a remix, altering the pictures and the music. A link to view it will also be e-mailed to you.

Finally, use the buttons at the bottom to distribute your film either straight to YouTube or e-mailing your friends. Later on in the beta phase they will be adding the option to download to your iPod.

ReallyWorried website

If you are fretting about something, anything at all, ReallyWorried offers to be a guiding light in the troublesome walk through life.

Here you can share your fears with the world at large, and hopefully get practical advice and information from someone who has been there before.

That is the basic premise of this website. It is not offering expert opinions from a paid entourage of staffers, but rather provides a simple yet glossy forum in which people from all over the world can offer advice and encouragement on any manner of topics big and small, from global warming to body image.

Just type what your worry is into the search box provided then see if anyone else is having the same concerns.

You will need to register if you want to post your own worries, or respond to other people's. And be warned some of the editorial can be quite grown-up as there are several conversations about adult subjects on the site.

TSTools website

If you are wondering whether you are actually getting the connection speeds to the internet that your service provider has promised, pop yourself along to TSTools and find out for yourself.

Operation could not be easier, despite the slightly scary looking front page. Just choose the download location to test from, pick a download size to test, and click it to start.

Remember to close any bandwidth hogging software such as downloads, games, software updates or streaming radio and video before you start, as this will impair your results.

The next screen tells you exactly what your download speed is. It is very useful if you think your ISP might be overloading its network and giving you poor service as a result.

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