Thursday, 14 August 2008

Wold Time Engine

Want to find out what time it is in Beijing, New York, London, Brisbane, Moscow or any other city in the world right now? Then WorldTimeEngine is the website you need. Here you can lookup the current time for pretty much any place in the world. It also lets you compare and calculate the time difference world wide. Smply type in any country, city, town, street, zip code, or geo coordinates into the search field and then click “Get Time”.
what time is it in ...
One really great feature is the option to lookup time difference for any future date so that you can plan calls and meetings across multiple time zones accordingly. Additionally you can search for multiple locations at once. See screenshot below.
time difference calculator
  • Find out what time is it in any city world wide.
  • Find, compare and calculate the time difference between places.
  • Compare up to 5 different locations at once.
  • Meeting planner: Figure out what is the best time for cross national meetings.
  • Call Talking World Clock and learn time from phone.
  • Add WorldTimeEngine Search to your Firefox search bar.
  • No sign-up or registration needed.
  • Similar site daylight savings time
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