Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Google earth imaginary updated

When i wake up on this mourning, i seriously noticed a vast change in Google earth
Yup, Google has updated their imaginary in July 2008 and now many cities of asia that previously were not seen upto the street level, now one can easily see them to the street level.

My city, Udaipur can now be clearly seen and and many more cities have updated imaginary installed and many have new views in them, the problem now is only of Panoramio and 3-d Buildings, some panoramio pictures are misplaced till.

I think this is beacause of the Bejing Olympics that google has updated it's imaginary just before olympics.

I can not say that it is a good job or a bad one because still sensitive areas of india can be seen clearly on the map. This is a point to debate, china has far already applied restrictions on search engines and thier co-companies. Should india also apply such restriction?

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