Thursday, 7 August 2008

Firefly: Let Your Visitors Chat

Firefly is a new web app which lets you chat with the visitors of your blog or website in real time. It gives you a javascript code which can be embedded in your website and set it up in the Firefly admin area. Once it’s done, you will get a small horizontal firefly bar in the bottom right corner of your webpage which updates in real time with the number of people on your site and the number of people talking.
You can chat with maximum 50 visitors at a time. Visitors can type anywhere on the site and chat among themselves. If you are a visitor on a firefly enabled site then you can start chatting directly without the need to install anything.
blog chat widget
Overall, this is certainly a nice concept and introduces a new way of spontaneous communication and interaction with the readers of your blog. You can get feedback from your site visitors directly without any time delay. Moreover even your site visitors get to interact with each other and talk about your site.


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