Saturday, 3 April 2010

[How to] Save Protected Photos

It started with a bet. While stumbling through that image website, i noticed a really cool picture(skateboarding Fly!), it was protected, and if you right click and click save as. They'll will in turn save a GIF file named spaceball of 1x1 pixel resolution. The same applies for every protected picture.
I wanted to save it on my disk but it won't allow me to save it directly. Here's how to save them.
  1.  It would be intrusive if i gave link to any protected picture. So when you find one.
  2. As a line of text is selected, select the image(Drag the mouse from free space aside picture to the picture)
  3. Right click the selection. In Firefox, click view selection source, a windows DOM source of selection would appear.
  4. Go through the small piece of code, for convenience select Wrap long lines from the view menu. Identify the long and distinguished image URL and paste it on address bar
  5. Now you can save it.
It's normal stuff, most of you would have eventually known it. Alas, thanks for the visit.

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