Sunday, 4 April 2010

Code Editors gone Online

The list of Online code editors, available from any computer around the globe.

Mozilla labs experiment, it has lots of nifty features and can be embedded in any web project just by adding two files in the header. In order to use, sign-up is required.

No wonder a brilliant online code editor, and best among the list. Though registration is not required for use, sign-in activates advanced features like collaborative work etc. Offers all the features that a code editor should. Supports most programming language.

PHPAnywhere is one editor that can replace anyone's PHP programming needs smoothly. It comes with a built-in FTP editor that lets edit files directly on the server. It also has excellent syntax highlighting and project management features.

As the website says 9ne (pronounced "nine")... based on Emacs. Supports CSS and Javascript syntax highlighting. Not best results when working on windows or linux, it insists Mac.

Being a code editor, it is also very resourceful. Tide is a JavaScript based online code editor and explains well. TIDE is actualy Tiny IDE.

It is a web-based clone of WriteRoom. They mainly focus on simplicity, and giving a distraction-free environment to user. The Full-screen feature gives a kind dark background providing a clean space to write code and rivet.

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