Saturday, 10 April 2010

Future: Making gadgets invisible

It is often people imagine a future where our human skills will be lost. We'll be life-forms around plethora of machines helping and regulating us. But while we are advancing towards future, it can be seen slightly. Here's two mind-blowing projects, i was honored to know about.

Sixth Sense
How nice a thought, draw a watch on the wrist and there's time. Make gesture of taking a picture and it it's taken. Like those Harry Potter movies, there is actually in real life videos in the newspaper. Latest status on boarding passes. Solving what should i buy problem. Dialing on the hand. Using paper as a digital medium, you can drag a graph or some paragraph from the paper to the digitally connected paper. Collaboration of this intimate technology is amazing.
It also looks the real version of Hollywood Movie, Minority Report.

It is a different branch that contemplates the idea that, Will we really be using gadgets viz. music player, computers, cell phone. Perhaps, the future would make them invisible.

That feature that explores a tag-cloud in the torso of the person you're meeting, it's a great idea. But since they are using tags. With it and others, for the sake of privacy, the projector should emit such light that can only be seen by me. Anyways, it's personal thought.

Project Natal
In competition with Nintendo Wii, Microsoft came up with this extraordinary solution. I don't think i need to say more, just watch the video.

What do you think we will land up in the future? Definitely, it'll be unexpectedly cool.

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