Thursday, 3 July 2008

Things That You should Have/see on Your Cellphone

Today we all have cellphones with us!!

So today the spotlight is on the things that you MUST have on your Cell.

You Should have a GPRS/EDGE/3G connection on the mobile
C'mon it's good to have it!

Now the stuff is
P.S The all the Stuffs and Sites below Can be downloaded easily in any phone and toltally user friendly!

Opera mini
It is a great software that is one of the most used and downloaded mobile apps. Opera mini is simply a phone internet browser, which has a lot of uses(i mean a lot of really) it is a feed reader, a browser thru which you can see the webpages in their original size, becoz it has a zoom utility that lets you zoom you web pages, You can see it's all features at it's official site

Mig33 Screenshot 1 Screenshots
Now see that It's a way to get a whole world on your mobile, it's basically a chat tool
But the company claims that "With mig33, you can chat and send instant messages and emails, make inexpensive international phone calls, share photos, connect with old friends and even meet new ones. Think of it as an addition to your phone's existing service."
Which i also agree!!, it's a grat tool the thing in it which i like is that it can be opened tru account of MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ , AOL, Google Talk, SMS, to name a few.

A website by nokia, which really helps you in taking, seeing and downloading things, all we people know that Smaller than a smallest phone softwares has a price, but in this site they are totally free, to download a phone software/games/songs/videos/ringtones search your query in the search box they have provided, if you're lucky you can get the thing you want and download it, if not Sorry but better luck next time, it's a stuff sharing website so you can't fully relay on it, but if it can help it's you who will be the lover of the site!! and ALL FOR FREE
Click here for the mobile version of the site, or if you feel like typing get to on your phone browser

Google Maps For Mobile
All we know it, Yeah! Google Maps, so what's now here!!
Now see that it is the New Google Maps for Mobile(downloadable), download it on your mobile and experience the difference this new version of Google maps is fully Fit for any mobile, you can also get Driving instructions from it, Unless you have a N80 or another hi-end nokia phone which has nokia maps in it, This is the best choice
Visit on mobile.
It's like Yahoo messenger on the mobile, You'll like it just login with your yahoo account and Hurray! you can now do just anything on yahoo go!. To try Yahoo Go! CLICK HERE. Yahoo Go 3 version 3.0 claims better email handling, more news, satellite maps, live traffic. Sounds a bit like Google’s portfolio, except that here it’s all in the one Java application. All in one it's a fantastic application!

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