Sunday, 20 July 2008

Utility websites!!

Remember that Tamagochi craze a few years back where kids went nuts for those electronic pet simulators that you had to feed, tickle and play with in order to keep them happy?

Well something similar has arrived on the web, but it is a whole lot more fun.

The best place to start on this bright and zany looking website is the tour video. It is nicely made for the target audience and will tell both you and your small ones what to expect.

In a nutshell, you are asked to adopt a pet monster. There are a number of styles you can customise by colour and then give a name, during the registration process.

After activating the account your child can log in and start playing right away. You get a room which you can customize by spending your Rox - the Moshi Monster equivalent of money - in the shops. The higher level your pet is, the more items are opened up to you.

Earning Rox is fun and easy - just head into the gaming sections of Monstro City or you can take the daily brainbuster quiz at home.

You will also need to feed your pet monster and tickle him to keep him happy. Click the Help link and then go to the How To Play tab for a full run through.

Also at the top you can click the community link, where users can have a peek inside some of the best decorated rooms and begin building up their friendship tree by leaving notes for each other on the in-room notice boards.

A lively, colourful and nicely designed website this - and ideal for keeping the young ones entertained on a rainy afternoon.

Youniverse website
The modern world is incredibly visual - and in a visual rich environment like the internet it kind of makes sense that there is a company offering a social networking portal based on the way we react to images.

At take the picture quiz to determine your visual DNA and enter some personal details about yourself.

The next page shows you your profile. The pictures you chose in relation to the prompts apparently tells this website about certain aspect of your personality. I found it to be reasonably accurate to be honest but I guess the descriptions are vague enough to apply to many people.

Flip through the sections using the tags on the side of the scrapbook and to see how your answers compared to the most popular scroll down the page below each section.

When you feel ready to register, just click the button at the top of the screen.

You can now customize your profile, add a picture, take additional quizzes and start building up a network on contacts by investigating the people who match your visual DNA in the panel on the right.

Now, how would you like 50GB of free online storage space with the option to share? Yes, I thought so.

A Drive website
Well at just click the big black button to get your 50GB and sign-up and click the link in the activation e-mail which you are sent to complete.

Once logged in managing your files is really simple, though the downloader/uploader runs on java so you will need to have that function activated to work successfully.

Click on My Files at the top then use the Upload feature to begin backing-up data from your hard drive. The site is still in beta but the FAQ says they will be adding a feature to automatically back up all the files on your computer soon.

Once your files have uploaded you will see a link giving you the option to share them. Click this link to add the file to your shared drive, and a URL will be generated for others to click on to access that file.

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