Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Get you own Email Badges!

Do you want to have these?

  • gmail icon
  • hotmail icon
  • yahoo mail icon
  • live mail

Stylish isn’t? But why would you care having this e-mail badge?

Well first of all, we’re all aware how widespread email spamming is, right? By basically converting your e-mail ( from forums, website and blogs to this lovely e-mail badges, you eliminate the e-mail harvester (program use to collect emails on the web for spamming) from catching your address. No spams, no head aches! Secondly, your e-mail address can be easily identified because it uses the design of those popular email providers like yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc. You can even specify and design you own custom domain, how cool is that?

To get your free E-mail Badges here.

Works within seconds!!

The the badges on Your site also use the following code for it

If you only want to show your Email address(NO LINK)

Click to enlarge

Paste the URL written in the red letters, in the place of The_link_of_your_email_badge

Please do Comment if any problem

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