Monday, 7 July 2008

Creating a Free Website

Do you ever thought that you should have your own website?
Now the first question that will arise is "How do I will create it?"

See that for it you should have a little knowledge of HTML(it's just optional you can make website even if you don't know it) it's not necessary but it can help you a lot!

So mostly people want to create it FREE
If so you'll get a domain as or
People get worry that people will visit less as they has a free website, On that i think that paying for your website can not only increase your visitors, for that you SHOULD have a Good and Original Content, However if you cant find anything you can get some articles from article city, as for your visitors i think you if you wanna spent you SHOULD spent money on advertising site, using Paid such as AdWords, Adbrite and Content Link, there are more but they are not more that just a Dump! And You should also use advertising through Free advertising Sites such as Ad grid network, Mogado

Free Web hosts
You can make your FREE website at
x10hosting or

A list of free web hosts

If you just want a Free simple, and not so professional website
Google Pages

I also find a great way of creating a free websites----
Believe it or not, Microsoft offers free websites and free domain names. These sites are designed for business use, but can also be used for personal sites.

There's a great article at eHow that describes how to get a free domain name and website from Microsoft:

How to Get a Free Website From Microsoft(eHOW)

Signing up and building a site is pretty easy. You also get to pick any website name you want (like, as long as it's not already in use.

Nice of Bill Gates to be giving something away, eh?

Hope it Helps!!
For any queries Comment on Post!!

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