Sunday, 21 June 2009

Firefox 3.5 Top 10 Features

Firefox strikes again, this time with a new version 3.5, a bit fresh logo and some more cool features. No need to tell how new is HTML5, firefox this time has got the experimental support with HTML5.

Get the Firefox Release Candidate 2

It has some greatest features to what firefox is known for, let's see some of them.
1.  Videos with HTML5

If you're viewing a page coded in HTML 5 with video in an open-source format like Ogg Vorbis or Theora, Firefox 3.5 treats that video like it's just part of the page, not a separate little island of Flash content. That means instant commenting on videos. It could also mean offering links from inside a tutorial video that offer more details on what's being shown—soldering tips on an iPhone repair guide would be keen. In general, it's just a promising step forward into a seamless melding of video and text on a future web.

2. Javascript Engine, TraceMonkey

As Mozzila Said, some Months ago, about in-development Javascript Engine, Tracemonkey is "20 to 30 Times faster" than the old Spidermonkey in Firefox. Even if TraceMonkey is ultimately outpaced by Chrome and/or Safari, its innovations push the whole browser market forward and give us all a bit less load time to complain about.

3. Geo Location
If you type post office into a maps site, you probably don't want the headquarters of the U.S. Post Office, or post office listings from two towns over. Integrated geo-location, powered by Google's Wi-Fi triangulation and simple IP address information, looks to know roughly where you are and help you when you're looking for something local. You can disable it if you'd like, but, realistically, signing on from any IP address reveals a bit about where you are anyways. If a good number of sites pick it up, geo-location could bring to the browser what a lot of people are already enjoying on their phone.

4.  Improved Session Restore

Firefox even features a crash recovery tool, for smarter Session Restore, It'ld allow user to select the tabs to load get back.

5. Tab Tearing

Tear tab feature in Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 from Percy Cabello on Vimeo.

The feature enables user to drag a tab to make a new browser window to it.

6. Undo closed Windows
The most precious, previously firefox got the ability to restore previously closed tabs, this time a much necessary feature restoring of Closed windows is also there. The feature should also restore the text you typed into it. It can be found in History menu, named Recently Closed Tabs.

7. Forget this Site
There are addons for Private Browsing, but would be nice to wipe a particular site off the History. Firefox 3.5 offers a convenient "Forget This Site" feature. 
It doesn't cover subdomains, and your network traffic and Flash memory would still hold some details, but it's a handy tweak however you cut it.

8. Smart Keyword suggestion

Firefox 3's AwesomeBar/address bar offers a speedy list of suggestions to complete whatever you're typing. That's great, but that list comes from your page history, bookmarks, and tags, and can be matched by URL or name, leaving some results almost uselessly cluttered. This gets fixed with special character filters in the next Firefox. Restrict a search by typing "life *" for just your bookmarks with the words "life" in them, or just your tagged "lh" items with "lh +". Anything that really makes getting backs getting back to importantly web destinations quickly is a welcome upgrade.

9. Private Browsing Mode
Now, it should be there, like for Gift Buying, Sensitive research, for bill pay, accessng your friend's browser for a quick look to your emails. Likewise, anonymizing some of your searches and cookie collection on your own machine isn't a bad idea, and a private mode can do that too. You don't need it all the time, but you might be glad it's available.

10. Colors getting Real
Different cameras, monitors, and capture devices grab and set colors in different ways. On the web, most colors look the same, though, because they're filtered and optimized for quick viewing in every browser. Firefox 3.5 introduces dynamic color profiles for each picture, meaning that whatever the graphic designer or photographer saw when they were doing their work, you'll see it on their web page.

I would sincerly like to hear your words, please Comment.

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