Monday, 22 June 2009

Digsby: Multi-Platform IM Client

You have been using those Chat clients, everyone uses them, Gtalk, Y!Messenger, Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ there are too many more. Now, it's so difficult with RAM space, for some even HD, or just handling 4 IM clients. and then different extensions for Twitter, or visit Facebook every time, or just to check mails.

Today, I’m going to put in my own plug for Digsby, an application I use every day, by showing you six things Digsby can do that will save you time, energy, and RAM space.

Digsby has come to replace my use of several other applications – no longer do I need a Gmail window, Twitter window, Facebook window, and IM window open all at the same time. Instead, I just use Digsby!

Now this is awesomest of the coolest IM clients there, previously there was Pidgin, but it does not had that, Graphics, UI. And Digsby, now it looks really great, even sooo simple! and works for Windows, Linux and even Mac OSX.

And a thing more: For people having bandwidth like me! as 4-20 KBPS the speed, so it gets really hard to manage it, it loads a lot, updates then logging in to so much services, so one might have Problem with LOW bandwidth, For those Pidgin would be recommended. Even a slight more speed from the given, would run the Software, Fabulously.

Here are five features that make Digsby the only application you’ll want to always be open, besides just being the best multi-IM client out there:

Email Checking

Got a POP or IMAP email? Of course you do. That means you can use your email with Digsby. Setting up Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo with Digsby is incredibly easy; others are a little harder, but still entirely possible.
Once you set it up (under “Digsby” and then “My Accounts”), Digsby lets you check, read, and respond to your email without ever leaving your IM window. Mark emails as read, write them, or just head over to your Inbox to check them out- all using Digsby. I used to always have a Gmail window open to make sure I never missed critical email – now all I need is Digsby.


After spending forever looking for the perfect Twitter client, I’ll tell you this- it’s not Digsby. But what Digsby is perfect for is reading Tweets. It’s a great way to stay on top of your replies and direct messages, as well as write tweets quickly. Digsby’s not the solution for power Twitter users, but it’s a great way to stay on top of all the Tweeting you do on a daily basis.


Just for the record, I love the new Facebook layout. But that’s beside the point. Using Digsby, you can do just about anything you would on Facebook, from right within the Digsby interface. You’ll be alerted when you have a new message, wall post, alert or notification. One click in Digsby, and you can see all the things waiting for you on Facebook. One more, and you’re sent right to a Facebook window within the Digsby application. Update your status easily, answer your wall posts, and stay on top of your social networking, all from within Digsby.
One of Digsby’s newest features is the addition of Facebook Chat. Now, you can chat with all your online Facebook friends from within Digsby. I love the idea of Facebook Chat (being able to connect in real-time with your friends on Facebook, which I have more of than IM buddies), more than I like the execution on the Facebook site itself. Digsby does a great job of using your friends list, and integrating it into its fantastic IM client to make chatting with your Facebook friends better and easier.


Digsby’s options for social networking go far beyond Facebook. You can use Digsby to check your LinkedIn or MySpace account, and receive notifications, send messages, and interact with your network right from within Digsby. Each account gets an icon in your Windows system tray, and one click brings up a pop-up window letting you manage your social networks just as you would in a browser.
Got a new message? Digsby tells you about it, then lets you respond to it all without leaving the Digsby interface. It’s simple to use, not a memory hog, and an awesome way to manage multiple online identities from one place.

The Little Things

My favorite thing about Digsby is that its team pays such close attention to the little things: the small features that you never noticed before, but can’t live without once you start using Digsby.
My personal favorite is the pop-up notification box: when you get an IM, a pop-up comes up. Not exactly revolutionary, but what IS awesome is that you can respond from within the popup. No switching back and forth between IM windows and other applications – just type in the popup, and it goes away once it has been idle for a few seconds.
There are tons of features like this within Digsby: mass-changing of your status and away message, easy hiding and showing of the application, and endless customization of how it looks. I spent a while getting my Digsby to look exactly how I want it to, and big props to Digsby for giving you so many options.

What’s your IM client of choice? Why?


  1. I posted a lengthy comment previewed it and it vanished..suffice to say you are doing a good job...can you send me the details on how to put this chatting thing on my blog ...A goodish blog my friend

  2. @whizzed Thanks!
    Actually i reviewed Firefly back ago.

  3. yup.. an excellent program.. I use it since something like an year or so.. and I really don't need nothing else until now..!

    no I'm waiting to the Digsby release for Linux.. because I cannot live without Digsby (yes, it is one of those little things that still makes me run windows.. lol!)


  4. Actually you can get Digsby on Linux also, try using Wine, it's not even that tricky.
    Digsby on Linux
    I tried it on Ubuntu it works quite smooth.


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