Tuesday, 24 March 2009



It does only one thing, but it does it oh, so well. On the home
page, just type in a cell phone number and a brief message ("Pick up
dry cleaning") and this site sends it out as a text message to that
phone on the date and at the time you specify. The site detects your
time zone so you don't have to include that, nor do you have to even
register or look at any ads. (Recipients will be charged a regular
text-messaging fee.) You'll need to be brief, as there's a
160-character limit on messages, although soon users will be able to
ramble on longer, and Oh, Don't Forget... will transmit the message in
parts so that it all gets through, the site's creator Jason Stirman
says. The service works with all U.S. carriers, a few select Canadian
ones and a few in Europe and Japan, but you don't have to know your
recipient's carrier to send a message. (If you changed carriers but
saved your old number, you must take one extra simple step: see Add
Your Number.)

Another way to nag your spouse: Teleflip's flipOut service, which lets
you email a text message of up to 120 characters to anybody's phone by
sending it to yourfriendsnumber@teleflip.com. Your email appears as a
text message, and the reply turns up as an email message in your inbox.
TeleFlip has another service called FlipMail, which lets you read your
email on any cell phone, be it "smart" or otherwise. Here too you must
pay your carrier for text-messaging services, and while it's ad free,
longer missives are sliced and diced to meet the 120
character-per-message max. You also have to "white list" your friends,
because flipMail only allows messages from pre-approved email addresses
to get through.

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