Monday, 23 March 2009

Rescued from Hackers

Hackers have newer methods to hack into your systems.They are smart
enough to detect security loop holes in your PC and enter through open
ports,unencrypted Wi-Fi connections,malicious websites or internet
servers.It is better you check your PC periodically for invasions and
protect your system to prevent pilfering and damage of data.

Read the following tools that will rescue your PC when it is in danger.

Detecting security loopholes

Paros :Scans Internet Traffic and identify if any website contains any malicious codes.

Netcat : Finds potential trouble spots in the network.

Network Scanner : Searches for open spots.

Angry IP-Scanner : Fast IP and port scanner.

Nmap : Shows open ports and logs.

AiO secretmaker : Protects from intruders.

Airsnort : Verifies WEP keys in Wi-Fi network.

Whisker : Tests the web-server for security loopholes.

amap : Spies via open ports.

Wikto : Finds damaged programs on web servers.

WinHTTrack : Reproduces websites on the hard disk.

HTTPrint : Detects potentially harmful programs.

Nikto : The command line version of Wikto.

Libwhisker : Pest libary for Nikto and Co.

Kismet : Detects intruders in the Wi-Fi network.

Netstumbler : Tracks down Wi-Fi access points.

Cain&Abel : Finds coded passwords.

John the Ripper : Helps to find passwords.

THC Hydra : Detects security leaks in the network.

Pwdump : Restores NT-Logon passwords.

Rainbow Crack : Checks password security.

Eliminating malicious programs

Attack Tool Kit : Simulates exploit attacks.

Metasploit Framework : Check network.

a-squared free : Finds over 90,000 trojans.

Blacklight : Unmasks invisible rootkits.

Rootkit Revealer : Rootkit scanner for Professionals.

Hijack This : Unveils Browser Hijackers.

Spybot Search&Destroy : Removes spyware.

Antivir : Extensive virus scanner.

Spyware Blaster : Removes spyware.

Trojan Check : Checks for Trojans.

BitDefender Pro : Professional Virus Protection.

Tracking hackers

3D-Traceroute : Enhancement for the Tracert command.

Securing PC’s

Snort : Warns of intrusions into PC.

IDSCenter : Graphical user interface for snort.

Ossec-Hids : Intrusion Detection System.

Base Displays : Snort evaluation on the browser.

Sguil IDS : Uses the snort engine.

GPG4Win : Encodes important data.

OpenSSL : Actually secures SSL connections.

Tor Encodes : TCP/IP connection.

Armor2net : Firewall

Stunnel : Similar to open SSL;encodes mail as well.

OpenVPN : Sends data via a virtual network card.

Truecrypt : Encodes complete drives.

ArchiCryptStealth : Hides the surfer.

SpyBlocker : Blocks spyware.

Having the listed tools, have fun, no one could ever hack you!

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