Tuesday, 28 September 2010

mere 42 minutes

Pretty interesting. A month from now i would be able to derive this time. Thanks to Physics, it is really an awesome thing, with real calculus it comes to life. And the best, all you need to have is Internet.

MIT OpenCoursware
Quite epic place. Walter Lewin (Many more of his lectures are there, on various subject.) & the section for high school is incredible.

Nothing to elaborate. One man Army, Salman Khan. Just got funded by Google with $2 Million.

Academic Earth
Another good domain.Niche for every Lecture out there.

There are certainly more people who are teaching, like PatrickJMT, on the internet, keep trolling. Listen to Richard Feynman, some here & Stragely it is Microsoft, Project Tuva. Then the classic way in which Carl Sagan speaks, plenty of videos on youtube.

Talking about physics as a vocation, there are many more blogs out in the net yet i got specifically amazed by Starts with a Bang (not forgetting to mention, Yes, everytime someone sees the author's picture, 3 children die in Angola. He should change it). Ponderabout.com is also a great place. I don't stick to too many places, it gets real hard to read them everyone. At last Discovery News is a must in your RSS reader.
[More Earth: Ten things you don’t know about the Earth]

By the way, you would also like to check. Mensa, the oldest high-IQ society, released their list of top 50 websites.

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