Thursday, 11 September 2008

Search MP3s, Books, FTPs, Rapidshare & Torrents

Wow ! It seems I’m just in love with alternative search engines, isn’t it. Today I talked about how lets you search different sites in tabs on the same page. And here I come across another cool alternative search engine named Njouba which lets you
- search the web and find free mp3s online
- search for videos on video sharing sites
- search images
- search for files on FTPs
- search web for PDF e-books
- search Rapidshare content
- search torrents
All of these search tools can be accessed in different tabs on a single page.
ftp search sites
It shows the links to the files on the respective sites. This could be a very useful search site for sure.
In the following screenshot, I searched the rapidshare tab for the query ‘Dark Knight’ and it immediately showed the related downloadable files in Rapidshare.
search mp3 online
Certainly a handy search tool. It is also available in different languages. Give it a shot.
Check out Njouba @

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