Saturday, 31 May 2008

GPRS Settings for Nokia Phones in BSNL

Hi friends,

This is a major mess in india, That BSNL don't provide GPRS settings for the most cellphones, espacially of nokia.
On this post i will provide you the GPRS settings that will work on most phones.
  1. Open Packet Data settings of your phone
  2. Select Edit active access point
  3. Select "Alias for access point" and write Bsnlgprs, save it
  4. Now goto Packet Data access point and write in some phones it'll not work, use BSNLNET as access point instead), and save it also
Now here comes the main work
  1. Goto Menu, Settings, Configuration
  2. Select Personal Configuration Settings, and select Web
  3. write the following things, leave blank if not mentioned here

    Bsnl Gprs
    Home Page
    Use preffered access point

  4. Now open Access point settings, and write the things given below

    Data Bearer
    Packet Data

  5. Select bearer settings now

    Packet Data Access point (for phones it didn't worked, as mentioned earlier try BSNLNET)
    Network Type
    IPv4 (you can change it, does not effect the GPRS)
    Authentication Type

  6. and Now dont forgot to select "Personal Config." in Menu, Settings, Configuration, Default configuration Settings.

  7. restart the cellphone after you have done this, Now start the GPRS Voila! you have connected and dont forget to check this blog again for new things.

If you want to have internet on your computer, from the phone, using it as an external modem,
  1. First add, and check that you have all the necessary things installed and properly functioning.
  2. If you're using a data cable to connect phone, install necessary drivers.
  3. Once connected the driver should automatically explore the phone for services, and substantially it'll also find out of the internet connectivity of your phone.
  4. Next step, go to control panel, phone and modem options, Modem tab.
  5. There'll be a list of modems, select the one with your phone's name on it.
  6. Go to it's properties, Advanced Tab.
  7. In Extra Initalization Commands, Type at+cgdcont=1,"ip","bsnlnet","",0,0
  8. if bsnlnet is not the access point for you, have in its place.

NOTE: settings only support Web, they will not support mobile applications that requires Internet connection to open and remember a thing that Manual settings of GPRS do NOT support internet applications of cellphone(yahoo! go, G' Maps, e.t.c)


  1. i got a massage "response unknown" when i write and type web add. even though i have [E] on NOKIA 7210 screen.while using net.
    what i need to do ?

  2. Have you tried getting settings from 58355, just sms your phone's company name and phone model there.

    See there are different access point depending upon which you want to use:
    viz. Use access point BSNLWAP if you want to run the internet in your phone's default web browser.
    BSNLNET is the access point needed when you want applications(like google maps etc.) to get internet.
    Just like this, there are access points BSNLSTREAM etc.
    So first decide, where you want to use the internet, then choose suitable access points. There can even be creation of multiple profiles with different Access Points. So that you just have to select anyone.

  3. you are a life saver man!!!
    thnx infinite times..
    but now i got to know why people say bsnl gprs shit!


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